Secret Professionnel


Why not start by taking care of your scalp?

Secret Professionnel reveals the expert’s tips!

BOTANICAL SECRET, a concentrate of essential oils, stimulates the scalp with its "ice cube effect" which encourages a better oxygenation of the roots.

The toned scalp becomes more receptive, and the effect of the treatments is doubled.

Botanical Secret, whether used on its own or with your shampoo, is enriching for your hair and a real moment of relaxation for you. It is an excellent way to prepare for and optimise the efficacy of the treatments that have been recommended by your hairdresser.



The wellbeing of your hair

Secret Professionnel has created a genuine treatment ritual, a source of serenity, completeness and wellbeing, for a moment of relaxation essential for your interior balance.

Unique sensory experiences...

The Secret Professionnel range of high-tech hair care products benefits from the botanical expertise of Laboratoires Phytosolba.

Its uniqueness comes from the creation of light, melting textures, with delicate fragrances, formulated from floral waters which maximise the virtues of the plants that are used.

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